January, 2016 - Measuring Employee Performance

Following on from last months issue about setting personal and work goals this month we look at ways of reviewing productivitity within your workforce. 

December, 2015 - Setting Personal & Work Goals

In this month's newsletter we look at the importance of setting goals both in your work and personal lives and give tips on how to set and acheive these for a happy and successful 2016.

November, 2015 - Mental Health & Wellbeing at Work

This month we look at the importance of understanding and addressing mental health issues and give tips on promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

October, 2015 - Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

In this issue we look the the misuse of drugs and alcohol and the imact in the workplace and give tips on developing a policy.

September, 2015 - Recent Changes in Parental Leave Legislation

In this issue we give you information and action points you may need to consider following the latest changes to parental leave laws. 

August, 2015 - Preparing for Internal Procedures or Tribunal Claims

This month we give practical tips for record keeping, and look at the importance of rules and procedures, in situations which may lead to a greivance, disiplinary or tribunal claim.

July, 2015 - Updating HR Policies & Procedures

In this issue we look at the importance of reviewing and updating your HR policies to ensure you remain consistent and within the law. We also give tips on writing and formatting HR policies and communicating them to all employees.

June, 2015 - Handling Challenging Conversations with Employees

In this issue we look at ways to prepare for difficult conversations with employees to increase your chances of a good outcome for both the company and the employee.

May, 2015 - Dealing with Serious Misconduct

In this month's issue we look at things to consider when applying a suspension including investigating any alleged misconduct, reviewing your company disiplinary procedure and what conditions should apply while on suspension.

April, 2015 - Health and Wellbeing

In our health and wellbeing special find out if your business is really fit for work by recognising the signs of positive and negative working relationships between employees and employers. We explore what businesses can do to nurture those relationships and how they can really go the extra mile!