September, 2017 - GDPR

In our Autumn newsletter we look at the new GDPR law which will be implemented in May 2018, what it is and why the law is changing, as well as guidelines on what businesses need to know and how they may need to change current practice or policies to do to ensure they are legally compliant.

June, 2017 - Difficult Conversations

In the Summer issue of our Trivolution newsletter we prepare you for holding a difficult conversation with an employee, breaking down the steps and things to consider to ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

March, 2017 - Managing Sickness Absence

In this Spring issue of our company newsletter we discuss sickness absence, particularly reccurring absence and how to effectively manage it.

December, 2016 - Recruiting Young People

We are back with another insightful edition of our now seasonal newsletter! In this Winter issue we share some advice and top tips on why and how to recruit young people.

October, 2016 - Dealing with Non-Compliance in the Workplace

In our Autumn edition we give you all the information and advice you would need if having to deal with an insubordinate employee.

June, 2016 - Immigration Bill 2016/16 & Recruitment Checks

In this issue we give you a summary of the Immigration Bill 2015/16 and look at the checks you need to make when recruiting staff.

May, 2016 - Staff Well-being & Surveys

In this issue we look at the importance of maintaining employee well-being and suggest ways of doing so including conducting staff surveys.

April, 2016 - Changes To Employment Terms and Conditions

In this months issue you will find information on what to consider when a change to employee contracts may be required.

March, 2016 - The National Living Wage

In this month's issue we have everything you need to know about the new National Living Wage. Also, we look at Equality and Diversity in the workplace.

February, 2016 - Zero Hours Contracts & Exclusivity Clauses

In this month's issue we look at zero hours contracts and the recent ban on preventing workers with them from seeking other employment. We also consider the importance of training especially relating to health and safety law.