Our Company

Trivolution is a company with over 60 years of combined experience in dealing with HR, change management and providing consulting services to both the private and public sectors.

We make a positive difference to your business as we partner with you to achieve exceptional outcomes.


Our HR services are known for being practical, personable, expert and fit around what you want to achieve with your business. We partner with you and offer expert advice, all the documents you need including writing letters for any scenario giving you the outcome you are looking for where possible.

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We work with you to assess what changes your business needs to grow, refocus or resize. Following our consultation we assist you to manage and implement all the changes in the most effective way meeting your timeframes and within agreed costs. We give you honest opinions based on many years varied business experience.

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We have many years’ experience of business and process review and quickly give insight into where we can enhance your current ways of working, consider new target markets and give practical advice on the next steps to achieve impressive results. We have worked in manufacturing, retail, the service industry, care, catering and many more areas which we use to significantly add to your business and save you time money, and increase profits.

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Our Quarterly Newsletter

September, 2017 - GDPR

In our Autumn newsletter we look at the new GDPR law which will be implemented in May 2018, what it is and why the law is changing, as well as guidelines on what businesses need to know and how they may need to change current practice or policies to do to ensure they are legally compliant.